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Jacqui is an industry leader in what's fast becoming known as the human connection secret in business. She’s the Founder of Human Leadership, a coaching and training company supporting senior leaders and their teams to improve leadership capability and to have game-changing conversations every day

Combining over a decade of professional work coaching parents and teenagers with her own personal experience as a Mum of a child with a disability, Jacqui is the go-to expert supporting families to build connected and authentic relationships at home and through her school programs

During big changes and challenges in your life, personal development and self-discovery provides the pathway to reconnect with yourself. Jacqui provides coaching tailored to your needs to discover your authentic personality, navigate relationships, career challenges, and find your bigger purpose

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Hi, I'm Jacqui and I have an innate passion to inspire people to connect better so that we can unleash the unique talents of every single individual at work, in our families and communities.

It's the influence of my own family and raising a child with a disability that ignites my personal purpose on a daily basis.

I am best known for helping people both personally and professionally to enhance their emotional intelligence and master the art of human connection.

My programs unpack the mysteries of understanding self and others better. So instead of feeling like you're banging your head against a brick wall with your children, your boss or your team members, you can have game-changing conversations every day.

Officially I am a coach, facilitator, author and speaker with over 2000 hours coaching senior leaders. I've facilitated hundreds of workshops with global organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

As a personal coach, I have the opportunity to work with parents, families and individuals and I see a future where diversity becomes our source of strength rather than a source of conflict and judgement.

“I have a relentless passion for helping people discover the very best within themselves so they can bring out the best in others”

 - Jacqui

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Knowing Me Knowing Them 3d Cover

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Knowing Me, Knowing Them is the most current book on parenting and personality and guarantees to provide you with plenty of “aha!” moments. Discover what makes you tick, your parenting personality, how that effects your children, practical tips to connect and how to unlock your childrens potential. A must for any parent.

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