Jacqui works extensively with families, supporting them to build connected and authentic relationships. She brings the wisdom of the Enneagram into families to raise awareness of personality differences and help clients put their relationships into perspective. This leads to the discovery of new choices rather than relying on working out ways of coping.

For parents

Utilising her personal experience and the Parent As Coach approach originally created by Diana Sterling Jacqui has created programs suitable for parents of teenagers as well as those with pre-teens who want to be prepared for the years ahead.

Discover how to :

  • Improve your teen’s growing Emotional Intelligence – and your own too
  • Bring out the best in each of your unique children
  • Become calmer and more confident in your response to challenges
  • Create stress free homes and relationships
  • Coach your teen to become responsible, more respectful and happier

You’ll also uncover your own parenting personality, how you relate to others: your partner and your children, and what makes you truly happy.

A message from your teenager

If you respect me, I will hear you

If you listen to me, I will feel understood

If you understand me, I will feel appreciated

If you appreciate me, I will know your support

If you support me, as I try new things, I will become responsible

When I am responsible, I will grow to be independent

In my independence, I will respect you and love you all of my life

With thanks to Diane Sterling

A Message From Your Teenager

Work with Jacqui to create a better connection with your teen

Private Sessions for parents

A customised program designed to support you to understand your parenting style and how to work with your unique children's personalities to bring out the best in them

  • Suitable for couples or for one parent
  • Personalised parent and teen coaching sessions: face to face,by phone, or online
  • Coaching is designed around your specific goals for your family and each of your children

Group Parenting Workshops

How to Coach your teen in the game of life

Join other like minded parents to explore new ways to navigate the teen years utilising the Parent As Coach Approach: seven ways to coach your teen in the game of life.

  • Suitable for couples or one parent
  • Workshops currently run at Manly Selective School, Sydney
  • Can bring workshop to your area for groups of parents

Book a complimentary conversation with Jacqui

Contact Jacqui for a no-obligation 30 min discovery conversation about your parenting and/or leadership personality and how to bring out the best in yourself and others

For teenagers

We all remember how difficult the teenage years can be but they don't have to be. Jacqui enjoys working with teenagers to expand their emotional intelligence and support them to:

  • Explore their own values
  • Understand who they want to be
  • Determine the qualities important to them
  • How to live true to their values
  • The best way to utilise their unique qualities
  • Master their behaviours and consequences
  • Boost their self-esteem and confidence

As a mother of two thriving young adults, one with a learning disability, Jacqui's personal experience combined with her professional expertise can encourage transformational behavioural change and support your teen to become the best that they can be.

Knowing Me Knowing Them 3d Cover

Order your copy of Jacqui's Parenting book

Knowing Me, Knowing Them is the most current book on parenting and personality and guarantees to provide you with plenty of “aha!” moments. Discover what makes you tick, your parenting personality, how that effects your children, practical tips to connect and how to unlock your childrens potential. A must for any parent.

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